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CEvin McCracken

Recording Artist CEvin McCracken's SOLO DEBUT:

Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist for rock band 'Mukniali', CEvin is the creative force behind that which is 5/ˈkrɑːkən/5. He grew up running the harsh streets of Houston, TX at a time when influences such Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Front 242, and groups like Nitzer Ebb were at a height of success in the underground music and club scene. Raised on classic rock, CEvin started his 1st band 'TnT' in his early teens, but it disintegrated almost as quickly as it was formed. Choosing to heed the advice of his elders, CEvin chose to pursue an education at Texas State University, located just south of Austin, TX, where he met and became close friends with members of the band Blue October Ryan Delahoussaye and Justin Furstenfeld. Before graduating as a Bachelor of Environmental Science, CEvin also became close friends with brilliant artist and bass player Jonathan David Schulte. Disenchanted with post-collegiate career choices, CEvin chose to again pursue his one true lifelong passion, with the hope of achieving the success of his peers. While in the process of forming the pieces of what would become Mukniali, with Jonathan Schulte on bass, CEvin lost the two loves of his life his mother and grandmother. With sadness all around, Mukniali awaits it's future but 5/ˈkrɑːkən/5 has risen.

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