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IVEZA and ELEMENTS is an electro-modern-rock band, even fusion, because of the mix of different genres, ranging from metal, drum & bass, reggae to dubstep etc. Essentially a new approach towards music and musical performance. 


Regarding the name of the band, PEDJA and MARKO (the bands guitarists) had a project called ELEMENTS, and at that time IVEZA was working considerably on his own solo project of similar genre, so a mutual desire for collaboration arose, and still they kept their identity, IVEZA and ELEMENTS.


All members of this band are on the music scene for a long time. IVEZA is a member of the legendary Serbian punk band KBO, founder, and until recently, member of THIMBLE, and he worked on the project LIBRIUM...and as a session musician of the American band AURADRONE. PEDJA is the creator of HENDIKEP, and MARKO of a death metal band called DEAD JOKER. With DJ NIKOLAs arrival, I&E gained new might.


Performances of I&E were not a piority for the band, but work in the studio was. These few performances were meant to let them see where they are and what is missing out, so they could achieve the desired amount of professionalism, because they are very particular for performing live. Up until now they concentrated on America and Europe where they made great cooperation and progress with promoters, magazines, publishers, radio stations etc. Recently they began focusing on the national audience.

The first video was made in the German city of Cologne, which was directed and produced by German producer DAVID J. LENSING. They didn't want to interfere with his work, and as a result he struck right into the essence of the song.

The second video for the song "Take me to the future" was also done with DAVID, after which they set the foundations for further collaboration and a new type of multi-medial art.


The most recent collaboration happened with Lorant Demeter - 3D mapping projection artist from Budapest,from whom they'll soon get an animation for the song - "Ignore the sign"...


Their song forms suddenly - without any anouncement... When they recognize it, they conjoin, because that is the essentiality; everyone should leave their own brand. That's why there are so many novelties and singularities in their music.


IVEZA and ELEMENTS promotes freedom of mind and will, open-mindedness for honest and beautiful things, love, art. Every song carries a different story, a new revelation, and the members of this band believe that anyone will be able to find himself, or herself, within these songs.

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