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Ian Bobbitt

To be honest I been rapping since around 7 years young
I am 22 now I’ll be twenty three this month on the Thirteenth
Really I enjoy Music to the point where all I want to do is make good
Music but in reality I ain’t shit but I plan to get better
At this point im looking for feedback and opportunity
My music is based off life experiences and Jesus #wethankgod
Detroit Born/Raised 6mile Westside LA^
Hip-Hop & Rap Artist 2Tall
Contact: tootalltv@gmail.com
Booking: tootalltv@gmail.com
Soundcloud: @itstootall
Instagram: @itstootall
Fb: @Ian(POLO)Bobbitt
Twitter: @itstootall
GreenTeam polo4, CloudNine 2tall, HaterClan 2tall

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